Primary School

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Wellbeing Friday!!! 


You have worked really hard this week at home and in our live lessons, so this afternoon we want you to take a step back from the desks and computers and do things that make you smile! 


Here are some activities you might enjoy if you are struggling to think of something to do. 


  • Make Welsh Cakes using the recipe from Tuesday. 
  • Continue to share stories from world book day. 
  • Create an obstacle course in your garden or house and see how fast you can get across it. How can you make it harder? Think about how you travel through the obstacle course. 
  • Do some drawing. Look outside and see if you can sketch something interesting. Maybe an animal, a building or just anything that you find interesting. 
  • Go for a walk. If the weather is nice and you are able to, go for a long walk and get some fresh air! 
  • If you enjoy your football, see if you can create your own football training drills. You could video these training drills to show your friends! 


Those are just some ideas for you. You can do many more things as long as it is something that makes you smile. Remember to share what you have done with your teacher.