Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.


Wellbeing afternoon 


Today you will be having a well being afternoon. Please find below some activities for you to do and make sure you spend some time away from your computer screens! 


1. Create an obstacle course in your house/garden. 


Find some objects in your house (if allowed) to create an obstacle course and time yourself as to how long it will take to get through. How can you make it more challenging for yourself? Think about how you move etc.


2. Scavenger hunt. 

Look in your house for the following objects. Can you find everything? 



3. Spend some time reading one of your favourite books. 



4. Football challenges. 


1. Create an obstacle course and dribble the ball around. Make sure you keep the ball as close to your feet as possible. How many times can you complete the course before you lose the ball? 


2. The keepy up challenge. How many keepy ups can you do in a minute? Try and beat your score! 


5. Joe Wicks workouts. 


Click the link below to find Joe Wicks' workout. 


Do as many of these as you. Don't stop until you're tired!