Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.




Today, you are going to have several physical challenges to complete. 


Try each challenge once and note down how you did. Once you have done that, have another go at each challenge and see if you can beat your previous effort! 


  • Run on the spot for as long as you can. How long can you do it for? 
  • How quickly can you complete 10 press ups and 10 star jumps? 
  • Can you do 30 star jumps without stopping? If you can, can you do 50? 
  • Move in different ways around the house. Jumping, jogging, crawling etc. Remember to always pick a safe way to move! 
  • For strength- have a go at holding a plank. Can you beat your time each time you have a go? 


Once you have completed these challenges, do them as many times as you can. You should be tired once you have finished them. If you aren't, do them again! 


For more PE visit Joe Wicks' page on youtube where he does an online PE lesson every morning at 9am! 



Wellbeing activities to be completed. These need to be done away from your computer, tablet or phone! 


  • Get lost in a book that you really enjoy. This can really help you to relax and it will get your imagination going. 
  • Help your parents with the cooking. What have you made? How did you make it? 
  • Draw a jar/bubble full of all the things that you appreciate or enjoy doing. What makes you happy? 
  • Create your own exercise routine. How about putting some Just Dance into it? (You may use a screen for this!)
  • Design a game for you and your family to play.