Primary School

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Limit Breakers 







Hunter's Bar

HAMBURGER                                  £1.00


CHESSEBURGER                             £1.50


                                                              HOT DOG                                               80P


                                                         MILKSHAKE                                       50P


COLA                                                     40P


 ICE CREAM                                         60P



1) Matthew orders a hamburger and an ice cream.


How much will his order cost?  ___________

Matthew pays with £2.00. How much change will he have? __________



2) Jessica buys 2 hamburgers and 1 cola

How much will this order cost? ___________

How much change will Jessica get if she pays with £5.00? ________



3) Aamir spends £3.50 in the Burger Bar.

Calculate the change he gets from £5.00 _________



4) Helen spends £2.70.

How much change will she receive from £5.00? _________



5) Choose 3 items from the burger bar for yourself





Calculate the total cost of your order ___________

How much change will you have from £5.00? __________




Pi-Thons (Begum's Beasts Ext) 


Lewis went to the shop and bought a magazine for £3.80,

and some biscuits at £3.50.

How much does he spend altogether?



Mia just loves swimming, and she bought some new goggles at £7.40.

When she took them to the till, they came up at half price.

How much did Mia’s swimming goggles cost?



A One Direction CD costs £8.40, whilst Little Mix’s CD costs £5.70.

How much more does One Direction’s CD cost?



Josh paid £6.10 for 2 pairs of new football socks.

How much does each pair cost?



Train tickets from Nottingham to Birmingham cost £11.20 for a single journey.

How much would a return journey ticket cost?



Miss Mitchell bought 3 bags of sweets to fill up Class 4’s sweetie tin!

Each bag cost £2.30.

How much did Miss Mitchell spend on sweets?

Fire Dragons and Number Ninjas 


Planning a Party.


You are going to be planning a party with a budget of £70. You are planning for 30 people. You need to work to this budget and can’t be a penny over. Use the price list below to look at different types of food and drink each guest can have.


Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys 


Extension question- What were their takings for the entire year?