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Good morning everyone and well done to all who submitted their work yesterday. We really enjoyed reading your wonderful dadwaver sentence starters. It was also great to see so many of you working hard on the live lesson. Let's keep it up!


Today your task is quite simple. Write the opening paragraph to your story! We advise that you end your introduction with your character facing its rival/ evil nemesis.


Please think about the following:


  • Dadwaver sentence starters. Every time you start a new sentence think 'What is my first word going to be? A verb? An adverb? Description?
  • How are you going to start your story? If you are focusing on the plane crash landing in Antarctica, are you going to start your story while they are on the plane or when they have landed?
  • Use complex sentences.
  • Don't forget capital letters and full stops.



Please join your class teams live lesson for support and guidance on your introduction.