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Friday 01/05/2020

Good morning!


Today you are going to do a comprehension activity and an oracy (speaking) activity.


Your comprehension activity will be in your literacy group flower file. 


ORACY TASK (Speaking)


Hide a toy (if you have a bear you could hide that and pretend its Little bear from this weeks story) somewhere in your home or garden. Give and adult verbal instructions on how to get there and find it. To make the game interesting make sure you give at least three instructions.


Eg, Little bear is missing. It is your mission to find him! (you could use a blanket or piece of material as a super hero cape to make it more fun!)


  1. Stand ...
  2. Walk 5 steps forward.
  3. Walk up the stairs and turn left when you get to the top
  4. Walk into the bedroom in front of you.
  5. You need to look in a place that is not dark. Little bear is afraid of the dark.
  6. He is hiding somewhere by the window.


Then change places and play it again. You could make it trickier each time!


Have fun with this game guys!