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Fractions Week beginning 30.3.20

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Wednesday's Lesson 


Starter- Create different fractions using shapes or when cooking something either for lunch or dinner or even breakfast! Can you show me what 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 1/8 , 3/8, 2/5 looks like? You can either do this with things that you have made/ cooked or you can show me on shapes that you have drawn. 


Answer these questions below: 

A quarter of pizza is given to Stephanie and 3/4 were given to Jack. Jack split all of his pieces in half and Stephanie split hers in half. Jack gave one of his pieces to Albert. What fraction of pizza does Albert have? 


Albert has 18 marbles. He gives 3/6 of these to Gemma. How many marbles does Gemma have? 


A chocolate bar is made up of 10 cubes. A 2/5 are given to Bill, 2/5 are given to Liz and a 1/5 is given to Mark. How many cubes of chocolate does Liz and Bill have altogether? 


Jack split his chocolate bar into eighths and Melissa split hers into fifths. Melissa kept 3/5 for her self and Jack kept 6/8 for himself. Who kept the most chocolate? 


Fran has 2/3 of chocolate and Ben has 6/9 of chocolate. What do you notice about the amount of chocolate that they have? Explain your answer. 

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Below you will find a blank fraction wall. To help you through this week I would like you to create your very own fraction wall. This will help you find equivalent fractions and it will help you to order and compare various different fractions. 


Mr Hunter's tip 

The top is a whole. 

2nd row= 1/2 and 1/2 

3rd row = 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3 


Can you fill out the rest?