Primary School

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Everyday Activities

Cbeebies Learning: 

Great variety of educational videos including Number Blocks, Cooking programmes, Alphablocks, yoga, exercise videos and more.


Nursery Rhymes:


Learning to write their name: 

It is really important that your child is learning to recognise, spell and write their name. There aare many ways which children can learn how to do this which doesn't always involve them writing with a pen and paper such as:

> Painting over their name

> Using magnetic/bath play letters to build their name

> Finding the letters of their name in magazines, papers and catalogues and sticking them on a piece of paper to spell their name. 

> Writing their name using chalk on the floor

> Having each letter of their name on separate pieces of paper and they have to spell it.

> Writing their name on an iPad or tablet.

> Using crayons, colour pencils or felt pens to write their name. 



It is important to complete exercise throughout the day. This may be going for a walk, riding a bike/scooter or running around in the park. It is great to get out in all weathers but here are some videos for your child to still exercise when indoors:


Make an obstacle course using chairs, cushions, tables, blankets, boxes...anything! Encourage your child to complete a mission to get to the other end and move in different directions. 



What can you hear?

Go for a walk around your local area or to the park and whilst your outside ask your child what they can hear. 


Alpha blocks are great for children. In phonics, we focus on sounds s, a, t, and which words start with these sounds. Here are videos to support these:


If your child is using Bug Club to begin reading books, please use this daily. Please email me if you have forgotten your child's details. This service can also be used to read books to your child. 



Number Jacks have great videos to help your child with recognising numbers.


Independence/ helping around the home:

A baking activity of your choice.

Including your child with baking and/or preparing food is a great way for them to develop many skills such as of their fine/gross motor skills, following instructions, talking and communicating and numeracy skills. 


Educational Sites:

Top Marks is great for a good variety of educational games.