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Day Activity Resources

Follow the link ----->

Copy the sentences out and fill in either to or two.

Here is a list of Roman words. Research each one and write a sentence to describe what it was.

- legion

- forum

- toga

- Celt

- Britannia


Think back to when we wrote Non-chronological reports about the Arctic. Can you remember what features a Non chronological report had? Watch the video to remind yourselves ----->


The only thing the video didn't mention was Pictures/Photos! They are important too!


We would like you to begin planning a non-chronological report about the Romans this week. Over the next few days you will need to research and make notes about certain aspects of Roman Life. 


The report will be split into 2 parts - The Army and Roman clothing and Food.




Today we would like you to find information about the Roman Army, as this is one of the things the Romans were famous for! Use google and the questions opposite to guide you with your research:

This video shows you some examples of non-chronological reports and some of the features they need like:

- a heading

- subheadings

- pictures

- facts

- introduction








(Remember note taking involved not writing full sentences, just key information that you find! Dates, key vocabulary, place or people's names)




You can use this template as a guide to setting out your report:




-What are some facts about the Roman Army?

- What was the army called and what titles did the leaders have?

- What countries did they invade?

- How did they used to fight?





Thursday Continuing with your research for your report today we would like you to explore Roman clothing.

- What clothes did Roman men wear?

-What did Roman women wear?

- Did Poor and Rich Romans dress differently?

Friday Finally, you will need to research Roman Food.

- How did Romans store their food?

- What food did the Romans eat?

- Do we still eat any Roman dishes today?

Here is an example of how your finished report might look. You could also do this online using the PowerPoint app in office365 on HWB! Have an idea how you want to set out your work so that you can gather enough information this week.