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Look at your new spellings below. Practice writing and spelling them. See how many times you can write each word in 30 seconds!

We would like to know that you understand the meaning of each word. Using a dictionary, or Find out what 5 of your words mean and write a sentence to explain its meaning.





Comprehension Activity

Watch the video opposite called 'The Bridge'. There is no talking during the video between the characters and so the viewer is left to work out what is happening throughout by watching the characters' actions. Answer the follow questions to check your understanding. Remember, start every sentence with a capital letter and end each one with a full stop. Use words from the question to start your answer so that you write in full sentences. Try not to start sentences with 'because'.


1. What are the two animals that meet on the bridge at the beginning?

2. How do the animals treat each other?

3. What does the moose do to the rabbit?

4. Do you agree with what the rabbit and the raccoon did?

5. How did the Raccoon and the rabbit pass each other?



Comic Strips

Yesterday you watched a short film called 'The Bridge'. The film had no speech in it but we were able to understand what the characters were feeling or thinking by their expressions and actions. Today we would like you to look at the scenes on the worksheet opposite which have been taken from the film. You need to decide what the animals are thinking or saying in each picture. Fill in the speech and thought bubbles and try to be creative with what they could say to each other!


Yesterday you decided what the characters were saying to each other in the film 'The Bridge'. Today we would like you to turn your comic strip into a playscript. We want you to script the first half of the film up to the point where the Moose kicks the rabbit. 


Watch the Presentation opposite first to see what a playscript is. Many of you will have already come across these in your reading books and enjoyed playing the parts of different characters!


Once you have watched the PowerPoint presentation, you will need to use your comic strip from yesterday to begin writing your playscript. You will need to add in stage directions too. Your playscript needs to make sense to someone who hasn't seen the film 'The Bridge' so make sure you read it to yourself to make sure you describe what is happening throughout the scene - every action the characters make in the film, should be written as a stage direction in your playscript.

Use the proforma opposite to write your play script onto.---------------------------->





















Spelling Test

Today you will be tested on your spellings from Monday. Good luck!


Once you have been tested on them, we would like to you to put your spellings into super sentences using as many wo words as possible to add detail!