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Complete your research


Today you need to complete your research on you chosen animal.


This can just be in note form for now, it does not need to be presented just yet.


Remember, it can be any animal you like from a tiny ant to the largest mammal on the planet, the blue whale!



These were some of the suggested ideas for you to research last week, but you can add your own information too.


  • What do they look like, describe them.
  • What do they eat
  • Where do they live
  • How big do they grow
  • What makes them special
  • Interesting or fun facts




Create a fact file or information poster about your chosen animal.


Now you should have found out lots of facts and information about your animal and will need to present it through a fact file.


This can be done however you like but with a few rules. 

  • Use full sentences
  • Include pictures
  • Make it bright and colourful
  • Use subheadings or sections, so your information is easy to read.

Here are a few ideas to how it might look. Be creative and have fun!







Complete your fact file


Hopefully by now you have nearly finished and have used different sections to show off all of your research.


Today you need to add the finishing touches. So finish off any writing that you have left to do and add any pictures and colour to make it stand out.


We cant wait to see the finished work!





Find your spellings from the link opposite and learn the list by Friday. Ask a member of your family to test you on your spellings and email us to tell us what you had!


Super Sentences:

Use each of your spelling words to create a super sentence. A sentence for each word of your spellings. Try to use as many upgraded adjectives as possible to make your sentences really interesting!


The huge clock ticked loudly.