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Our topic for this half term is called Wild World and we will be learning about and exploring some different animals and wildlife from around the world. 


Your first job is to watch the video link all about monkeys and answer the questions. 

Make sure you answer using full sentences. 


  1. How many different types of monkeys are there? 
  2. What is the biggest monkey called? 
  3. What is an easy way to tell the difference between monkeys and apes? 
  4. From how far away can you hear a Howler Monkey? 
  5. Why do you think that the person in the video says monkeys are fun? 


Look at the poster on the link and answer the questions using full sentences. 



  1. Most sharks are carnivores. What does this mean? 
  2. Are all sharks dangerous? 
  3. How many teeth do shark have? 
  4. Why can’t sharks stop swimming? 
  5. How do you know that sharks have been around for a very long time? 



Find your spellings from the link opposite and learn the list by Friday. Ask a member of your family to test you on your spellings and email us to tell us what you had!



Super Sentences:

Use each of your spelling words to create a super sentence. A sentence for each word of your spellings. Try to use as many upgraded adjectives as possible to make your sentences really interesting!


The huge clock ticked loudly.



Animal Research

Starting today and also using Monday of next week we would like you to research your own animal. This could be your favourite animal or maybe just an animal you would like to find out more about.


You will not need to show us what you find yet, that will be later on next week.


The more  information you find the better, but... only write down what you understand. Please don't copy and paste loads from the internet.

Some suggestions for the kind of information you might investigate:


  • What do they look like, describe them.
  • What do they eat
  • Where do they live
  • How big do they grow
  • What makes them special
  • Interesting or fun facts


Try your best to use full sentences. For example;

instead of saying 'They live in water', you could say, 'Sharks live in oceans all around the world.'