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Maths Mystery 2!


So many of you said you enjoyed last week's maths mystery so we thought we would finish the term with another one! Again, it is up to you how long you spend completing the mystery. There are 5 clues to solve so that is one clue/activity per day of the week. If you are eager though you can complete 2 or 3 activities in a day.


You will still need to complete your Big Maths tests and spend some time practicing your maths skills on either J2Blast (by logging in on HWB at choosing J2E) or SUMDOG. You should still have your login details from the competition the other week.


Big Maths tests


There are two mysteries for you to have a go at this week as some of you finished them very quickly! You only need to complete one, but the other is there if you want to do it too!


The Thief of Gideon's Gold Chocolate Factory (click through the slides)

Clue 1 - Counting on in steps

Clue 2 - Less than <, More than > or equal to =

Clue 3- addition and reading number words

Clue 4- Rearranging digits to make large numbers

Clue 5- Place value H T U


Mystery at the Swimming Baths (click through the slides)

Clue 1 - Couting on in multiples

Clue 2 - Area by counting squares

Clue 3- Column additiona and subtraction

Clue 4- Equivalent fractions (help video) --->

Clue 5- Number pathway


You might need to recap some of the skills on Bitesize or Youtube if you are unsure, or ask an adult to help you. But remember, we have covered all of these skills! Good luck solving the mystery! When you know the answer, email your teacher so as not to give the answer to all of your classmates on Teams!    - Mr Redding - Mrs Evans