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This week we are going to recap totalling and working with money. We have studied money in school earlier in the year so try and think back to everything you learnt! 


Today you will need to total the mixed coins and write the amount in the box. The last two will need you to write the total in pounds and pence. Remember that when you write amounts this way, you need to use the £ symbol and a decimal point!


eg. 78p would be £0.78

and 149p would be £1.49


You don't need to use the 'p' too.

Totalling coins
Tuesday Today you need to circle the coins that make the amount in the left hand column. Circling coins
Wednesday A break from money today to complete your  Big Maths tests and practice your 4 and 6 x tables. Write them out or make some flash cards to test yourself with. Big Maths test

Today you will need to work out the change needed from money when items have been bought. You will need to check that the change offered is correct and if it is not, write down the correct change. Fill in the speech bubble with either 'Excuse me!' if the change is wrong, or 'Thanks for my change' if it is correct. 


Remember when we calculate change, we are finding the difference between the cost of the item and the amount paid. You could try adding the price and the change together first to see if it totals the amount paid. Use column addition and subtraction to help you!

Calculating change

Consolidate your learning with money this week by trying out some of these games:


Game 1


Game 2


Game 3


Game 4