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As a warm up on a Monday and Wednesday you will be asked to fill out a Big Maths CLIC or Learn its sheet as it is very important that you keep practicing the skills we have learnt so far this year


This week we are going to be using some of the

Cardiff City Home Festival resources for lessons.



Day Activity Links

As a warm up we would like you to complete the big maths tests.






Today's skill will be looking at number sequences. Number sequences follow a pattern of adding or subtracting numbers in a sequence. You need to think carefully about what the 'jump' is between each number. Have a look at the CCFC task opposite:


Big Maths Tests

Remember you have 60 seconds to complete the Learn its sheet. Any you do not complete can be completed after the timer but will not go towards the score - please be honest! Only then will you see real improvement 


CCFC Number sequences






Today you will need to use your addition and subtraction skills to complete the CCFC player cards. Some Cardiff City players have been given scores for their skills on cards similar to Top Trumps. All of the points add to 100. You need to use addition and subtraction to work out the missing points for each player. Have a look at the introduction sheet for more information and then have a go at the challenge.

CCFC Player Card intro


Player Card Challenge


Today you are going to be exploring multiplication. So far we have learnt how to multiply by 10 and 100 and we have also had plenty of practice at multiplying single digit numbers e.g. 5x8, 3x4 etc. 

Today we are going to combine both skills and look at how we can mutiplying 2 digit numbers by single digit numbers e.g. 14 x 5.


Watch the video first to see how we can use multiplication grids to help us.


Then answer the questions using the grids to help you.








Multiplication Grid Tutorial



Multiplication questions


Continuing with your work on multiplication grids, it is important that you learn how to draw these grids to help you when you need to work out larger multiplications in future. 


Have a go at these questions and make sure you draw the grid for each sum to show your working out. Remember, a column addition can help you add the totals at the end.



Day 2 Multiplication Grid Questions


As you've been so good at working out grid multiplications this week, we thought we would finish on a challenge... multiplying 3 digit number (hundreds numbers!).


Watch the video which shows how you can adapt the multiplication grid to work out 3 digit numbers. It isn't very different from what you have been doing already!


Watch the video and then have a go at the quesitons.




3 Digit Multiplication tutorial




Day 3 multiplication questions