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Day Activity Resources
Monday This week we are focusing on addition and subtraction. Today we will look at addition. Specifically adding 10s numbers to 3 digit numbers. Remember that the tens digit in a 3 digit number is the middle number. Watch the youtube clip for a reminder of how you can work this out using a numberline.

Tuesday Today we are going to switch to subtraction within the same theme. You will need to minus the tens numbers from the 3 digit numbers today. Make sure your answer is always smaller than the starting number as when we subtract, we make a number smaller. Have a go at the activity opposite:

Column Addition:

This will surely be an old favourite of your parents as i'm sure they will have learnt this in school too! A great tool for adding quickly is column addition. It relies on the numbers being directly in the correct columns though (Hundreds Tens Ones) for you to complete the answer correctly. Add the numbers together and put the answers in the large equals box below each sum. There is a short reminder clip opposite. Have a go at the activity:


Your final activity this week is to continue column addition however, these problems will involve carrying. That means that some of the digits will add to answers above 9. When this happens, we need to carry a tens number into the next column. Watch the Bitesize video and complete the activity on the website before having a go at the worksheet.