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This week we will be looking at symmetry. We did start to look at it in school when we made Roman mosaic pictures. Today we are going to remind ourselves what symmetry is and practice recognising whether or not a shape is symmetrical.

Watch the BBC bitesize clip to remind yourself what it means if a shape or picture is symmetrical and then play some of the games on the Topmarks site. There are lots of symmetry games on there, so you can try them all.
Tuesday Think about the games you played yesterday, and what makes a shape symmetrical. Today you are going to be drawing the second half of a shape or picture. Remember that the two sides have to be exactly the same. You can either print out the sheet or copy out the shape onto paper and then finish the picture.
Wednesday Today we will be looking at lines of symmetry in 2D shapes. Watch the BBC bitesize clip to find out where the lines of symmetry are on different shapes. You will then look at the shapes on the sheet (the link is opposite) and draw the lines of symmetry on to the sheet. Again, you can either print off the sheet or copy the shapes yourself and then draw in the lines of symmetry.

This week we have found lines of symmetry for different shapes. Today, we are going to learn what these lines are called. If the line of symmetry goes across the shape (from side to side) it is called a horizontal line. If it goes down the shape (from top to bottom) it is called a vertical line. Watch the Youtube video (link is opposite) and it will explain this in more detail. 

Then complete the sheet (link is opposite), deciding whether the lines are horizontal or vertical. You only need to complete the first two sheet, but you can do more if you want to! If you don't have  a ruler, don't worry about drawing the measured lines at the bottom of the sheet.


Yesterday we looked at horizontal (from side to side) and vertical (from top to bottom) lines. Some capital letters have vertical or horizontal lines of symmetry, and some do not have any lines of symmetry. Look at the letters on the link opposite to see where the lines of symmetry are - remember, not all letters are symmetrical.

Can you write your name in capital letters and mark the horizontal or vertical lines of symmetry on them? Remember, not all letters have symmetry.