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Cardiff & Wolves

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We have been learning about animals, and this week we are going to be looking at pets. We would love to learn more about any pets you have (if you haven't got one, you could write about a neighbours / friends pet, a pet you are going to get in the future or a pet that you would like to have). We would like you to write as much information as possible - their name, what they eat and drink, where they live and sleep, what they like doing, what they look like and anything else you can think of. Don't forget to include photos or drawings of them. 

You can decide how to set it out. It could be a fact file or a poster, but make sure that it contains as much information as possible. Remember, if you don't know any pets, you can do it about a pet you would like to have. 

I have done a simple example about my dog to show you (click on the link opposite), but you may be able to think of a different way to do it and other things to include. I look forward to seeing them!
Tuesday Today we will be learning how to look after a pet cat and answering question. Read the information on the link opposite and then answer the questions. Remember that adjectives are words that describe something.
Wednesday Look at your spelling list for this week (click on the link opposite). Try writing them out a few times and then ask somebody in your house to test you on them. If you get any wrong, write them out again correctly. Let us know how many you get right

When you are writing, a new sentence must always start with a capital letter. Capital letters are also used for names of people and places. At the end of a sentence, you need to put a full stop (or a question mark for a question). Watch the BBC Bitesize clip to remind you.

Look at your spelling from yesterday and make sure that you understand what each word means. If you don't know the meaning, ask someone in your house or you can ask us. 

Write a sentence for each word and make sure that you use capital letters and full stops in the correct place. Try to make your sentences as exciting as possible by using adjectives.

Finally this week, we are going to have fun using our imaginations. You are going to create your own made-up animal for a pet! You can make it as strange as you want to. It could have the head of one animal and the body of another. It could be rainbow coloured or spotty. 

Draw a picture of this animal and decide what you are going to call this new species.

Write as much detail about it as you can - what does it eat? What does it like doing? Where does it sleep? Does it smell? Does it run/fly/swim/crawl? Does it have wings or claws?

Use your imagination and have fun designing a new pet. Click on the link opposite to see some examples of pictures, but don't forget to write your description was well.