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This week we are going to be looking at money. We use many different coins and notes when we are buying items. 

Can you write down all of the different types of coins and notes that you can think of? Try to put them in the correct order of their value, starting with the smallest amount.

Then watch the You Tube clip to see if you were correct.

Remember that there are 100 1p coins in £1.

Look at the sheet in the link opposite and try to find different ways of making £1. Can you fill in all of the boxes?

Now try to find as many ways as you can to make £2 using different coins. I wonder who will find the most ways!


Today we are going to pay for items using the correct coins.

Watch the You Tube clip to explain this to you.

Look at the activities in the link opposite and try to make the correct amount using as few coins as possible.

When you have done this, you can keep practicing using the Topmarks cash in game.

Doorway Cashing In (


When we buy an item in the shop, we don't always have the correct coins to pay for it. This means that we have to give the shopkeeper more money than the item costs and he will then give us change.

Watch the clip opposite to work out how to give the right amount of change.

Next, look at the slide on the link opposite and try to work out how much change you would get from £1.

Challenge: Use the flash card pictures from yesterday and work out how much change you would get from £2.


You have completed a lot of work involving money this week - well done! You should be quite confident at using money now.

Today, you are going to look at some word problems involving money. Have a look at the link opposite and try to fill in the blanks. Have fun!