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Our new topic for this half-term is about our environment. The environment includes everything in our surroundings, including the land, the air we breathe, the water, plants and animals around us. Watch the clip below as it will explain what the environment is.


It is really important that we care for our environment and look after it. Read the information on the link below to find out facts and information about how to do this.


One important thing that we can do is recycle some of our rubbish. There are many items that we throw away that could be recycled. Watch the clip below as it explains why recycling is so important and also tells us what items can be recycled.


Activity 1: Recycling chart 

This week, we would like you to find out whether or not any items of rubbish are recycled in your house. If you do recycle, keep a record of what is recycled and how much of it. There is a chart below to help you record this information, but you could also create your own chart if you don't want to print it out. There are also questions to answer at the end of the week if you have completed it.


Activity 2: Recycled art

As well as recycling, it is important to reuse items that would have been thrown in the bin. The second task this week is to make a picture or model using objects in your house that would have been thrown in the bin, for example, scraps of paper, egg cartons, plastic bottles and tops (make sure that they are clean and safe to use) or anything else suitable that you can find. It can be a picture or model of anything that you want, but it has to be made out of items that would have been thrown away. Take pictures and send them to us so that we can see them. There are some ideas on the link below if you need inspiration, but use your imagination and have fun creating! If there are any questions, just ask us on Teams.


Activity 3: Quiz

Finally, have a go at this fun quiz about recycling. Scroll down the page on the link to find the quiz. It will tell you the answers after you have had a go and you may be surprised at some of them!