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Suggested activities for week beginning 04.05.20


We have a bank holiday on the 8th of May for Victory

in Europe (VE) Day

I will post some special activities mid week.



Topic – Days of the week


  • Read/ Watch the Hungry caterpillar (link to story YouTube video)

  • Write the story of the Hungry Caterpillar in your own words.
  • Keep a diary for a week. What did you do in the morning? Afternoon and Evening? Write in sentences.


& Phonics

  • Write the cvc (middle a sounds) words in rainbow colours with your felt pens/ crayons. Perhaps you could paint the words or write in shaving foam.

Example cvc words: bad dad had can ran van cat sat bag cap

You can also try harder words ( see word mat below)

  • Time yourself - how many words can you remember and write in 3/5 minutes?


  • Sing and perform the days of the week song
  • Use the pack posted below to help you learn the sequence of the days of the week (you don’t have to print the resources – they’re for ideas)
  • Ask someone to quiz you on the days in order, what day was yesterday? What day is it tomorrow.?
  • List 5 things that you take you a long time and 5 things that you can do quickly.
  • Addition – see below
  • Here are some other maths ideas based o the Hungry Caterpillar

Science/ Art/DT

  •  Paint/draw /make a hungry caterpillar/and or a butterfly
  • Investigate how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly
  • Symmetrical butterflies – fold paper in half, paint half a butterfly on one side and then fold and press down. The centre must be along the fold. Use this game to help you understand symmetry.




  • Ask someone to time you throwing a ball in the air 10 times/ jumping 10 times/ brushing your teeth/ getting dressed/ writing your name and surname etc.
  •                                                Cosmic Kids yoga – The Hungry Caterpillar