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Good morning!


Now before we start our work, it's important to warm our brains up. For Begum's Beasts, I want you guys practising your 3x tables today so please click here. I will give you a shoutout on our maths page tomorrow if you email me your score.


For fire dragons- Please click here and pick a times table of your choice. I will give you a shoutout on our maths page tomorrow if you email me your score.


For top banaynays, please try the Countdown mind boggler below. Now, I don't expect you to get the answer spot on, but whoever gets the closest in the class gets a shoutout tomorrow on the class page! I will also reveal the method that gets the correct answer. A tip: Don't be afraid to add numbers together before multiplying and also don't be afraid to use division to help you find the answer...

Begum's Beasts

1. How many children were there altogether?

2. Which cereal was the most popular?

3. Which cereal was the least popular?

4. How many children were there altogether?

5. How many more children preferred honey bites to golden corn?

6. Which received more votes, choc grain and honey bites or corn flakes and golden corn?

Fire dragons and Top Banaynays

a) How tall was the cress on Day 2?


b) On what day did the cress reach 10 cm?


c) Estimate the height of the cress on Day 5.


d) Estimate when the cress will reach a height of 14 cm.


e) Between which two consecutive days did the cress grow the most?


Top Banaynays extension

a) What is the difference in height between the start and end of recording?

b) How much did the tree grow between the 2nd and 3rd year?

c) What happened in year 3? What might have caused this?

d) By the 6th year the tree grows to three times the height it was in the 1st year. Whitney thinks that the tree will be at the tallest height it has ever been. Do you agree with Whitney? Explain your answer.