Primary School

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Suggested activities for week beginning 27.04.20

Topic – Traditional Tales (2)


  • Can you make a list of words that rhyme with  

pig from the 3 Little Pigs

goat from the Billy Goats Gruff

hen from the Little Red Hen

frog from the Princess and the Frog

  • Tell someone else a story eg. Cinderella. Make your own book. Add a front page with author and illustrator, a page for the start of the story, a page for what happens in the middle and a page for the end of the story ( A page of A4 paper will be big enough folded in half)


& Phonics

  • Watch and spell: tricky words

  • Write some sentences using words below


  • The beanstalk in Jack and the beanstalk grew very tall. Draw or write a list of 5 things taller than you and 5 things shorter than you,
  • Draw around your hand or your foot, cut it out and measure how long or short things in your house/ garden are e.g. your brother/dog/path. Draw around a grown up’s foot/hand.  Now measure with these. Is there a difference? Why is there a difference?

Science/ Art/DT

  •  Make a mirror from tin foil for Sleeping Beauty
  • Write a magic message. Write a message with white crayon on white paper and then aske someone to paint over the top to reveal the message.
  • Build a house for one of the three pigs that is NOT made of straw, sticks or bricks – try cereal box etc. Ask a grown up to try to blow it over.
  • Make a mask – eg a fairy, a troll,




  • Build a bridge for the goats to get across the troll’s river
  • Balloon keepie uppie – use a ball or a balloon. How many times can you it keep up in the air with your foot or hand?