Primary School

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> Sing/chant the days of the week

> Anticipate events related to elements of daily routines and use the terms ‘before’ and ‘after’ 

> To sort objects by direct observation


Sing and learn the days of the week:


Activity 1:

To create a clock from Hickory Dickory Dock. I will provide some examples of homemade clocks but please use resources which are accessible for you.

What to consider:

  • Number ordering, this is a great opportunity for children to practise their skill of ordering numbers.
  • Shape of a clock
  • Small hand, big hand
  • Can they find clocks in their house? How many can they find?

Please also create or colour and cut out a mouse to go with the clock. This is also going to be used in the Literacy activity.


Activity 2:

Hey Diddle Diddle is set in the night time. Talk to your child about what they do in the night time, what happens at night? Then discuss the day time, break it up, morning and afternoon, what do they do?


Using the skill of 'Sorting' from last week, have 2 baskets or boxes, one with a picture of a sun and the word 'Day; and the other having a picture of a moon and the word 'Night'.


Sort day and night activities. Create your own pictures or see resources.



Using the pictures from the activity, with your child create a timetable of their day. Discuss what comes 'before' and 'after'.