Primary School

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Suggested Activities for week beginning 11.5.20

Topic – Superheroes


  • Read/ watch Supertato
  • Make your own superhero. Give your self a special name. Make a list of your special powers. Can you fly? Go forward in time or make yourself invisible?

  • Draw your own superhero costume – draw and use labels such as mask, cape boots
  • Make your own superhero book – tell your own story of being a superhero and saving someone.


& Phonics

  • This week please practice the ch sounds see below.
  • Common word mazes see below
  • ( there are 60 of them- please read on the screen)


Science/ Art/DT

  • Ask if you can have a potato and make your own Supertato.  ( or any other vegetable) Take him around the house to help with some of the jobs such as tidying your bed.
  • Make him a special house to live in from Lego or blocks etc.
  • Design (and make if you would like) your own superhero mask or cape
  • Make your own clock/watch with moving hands (see examples below)
  • Free the superhero from the ice (you can use any figure if you don’t have a superhero) see below
  • Flying superheroes using balloons. See below
  • Make you own instrument to play when clapping for heroes on Thursday       ( if you are allowed to stay up and clap)




  • If you can, play What’s the time Mr Wolf outside with a grown up
  • Spider Power Yoga

  • Superhero yoga for kids