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To sort hard and soft materials.


Prior to this activity, without your child knowing gather a variety (10?) of hard and soft materials/toys/anything.

Examples: cotton wool, blocks, feather, teddy, bowl, type of clothing etc.


Have two separate pieces of paper/boxes/baskets labelled ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’.

With your child talk about why the 3rd little pigs house was the strongest.


Using the materials you gathered, your child is to sort the materials in to hard and soft materials. We have completed lots of sorting activities in various contexts in Nursery, so your child should be familiar with this skill. Once completed you may complete other sorting activities such as:

  • Sorting colours
  • Big and small
  • Land and sea animals
  • 2 different shapes- Have a variety of objects of 2 shapes and your child to sort them in to shapes.


  • 2D and 3d shapes
  • Your name and your childs name- which letters do you have in your name, any letters you both have? Venn diagram

Interactive games to support sorting: