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To sequence the story of The Three Little Pigs.

With your child I would like you to read The Three Little Pigs. There is a link below for the story which you can read to your child.

Three Little Pigs story video:   


Questions to ask after the story:

Who is in the story?

What happened at the start?

What happened next?

What was their favourite part of the story?

Why couldn’t the wolf blow down the 3rd little pigs house?

Which one was the strongest?

Why did they build their own houses?

What are our houses/flats/bungalows made out of?

What do we have in our houses/flats/bungalows? 


After reading and talking about the story, break the story up into start, middle and end.

What did they do at the start of the story?

What happened in the middle?

What happened at the end?


I would like your child to sequence the story by creating pictures and sequencing them. I will attach some examples to print or you can draw the houses and pigs with your child and sequence them.

After your child has sequenced them, retell the story using the pictures as prompts.


Sequencing and retelling stories is a very good skill to help them with their speech, early writing and reading skills.  Please refer back to their sequencing  throughout the week to help them retell the story. I have attached story telling resources which can be used or you can make yourself to support your child to retell the story.


Challenge: Your child to independently retell the story of The Three Little Pigs. I understand children may get camera shy, instead, do not video them but place your phone on record and put it next to them so I can hear them.