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Good morning and happy final morning of home learning. I can't wait to see you all tomorrow!


We are finishing up home learning with our big maths test. This focusses on a range of questions, suitable for each level.

If you are in Begum's Beasts, I'd like you to try the Level 1 and level 2 papers. These are the first two. If you feel super confident, you can try the next picture which is level 3.


For fire dragons, I'd like you to do level 2 and have a go at level 3.


For top banaynays, I'd like you to focus on level 3 and also have a look at level 4 and see what you know!


For anyone trying level 5, please email me so I can type out the questions for you as they are not too clear.


You can answer these questions in your home learning book or type them up in a word document. These are questions 1-10 and we will start with the orange shape (at the top) and answer the questions clockwise. Question 10 will be the question right in the middle of the paper.


If there are any problems, please don't hesitate to email me!