Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.


Activity 1:

This week I would like your child to draw a picture, write a letter or record a message for a friend and/or grown up about what they  are looking forward to seeing when they go back to Nursery. 


They could draw a picture of them playing in the garden, Lego, painting, cars, drawing, a picture of them and their friend, anything. Then ask your child to tell you what they drawn and for you to write down what they said.


Activity 2: 

I would also like your child to create a face of themselves about how they are feeling about going back to Nursery. This is a great opportunity to discuss anything which is worrying your child, please be open and honest when completing this. You may be creative and create a face in your own way or creates a face plate, draw a face, paint a face...anything. Please ask your child why they feel like this and scribe what they say.



As it is the last week before half term, a big push on recognising letter sounds and the alphabet would be very beneficial.  

Finding objects beginning with ‘s’ and ‘a’.


Geraldine the Giraffe  - /s/ HD 

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /a/ sound 

Learn letter "s" with the Alphablocks Magic Words | CBeebies 

Learn letter "a" with the Alphablocks Magic Words | CBeebies 


   When learning sounds, it is also important your child is beginning to learn how to write the letter. This may be completed through overwriting the letter, painting the letter, using your finger to write it in sand/glitter/rice.  

Please see a Phonics video on Files to start your child off.