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Good morning!


Now before we start our work, it's important to warm our brains up. For Begum's Beasts, I want you guys practising your 3x tables today so please click here. I will give you a shoutout on our maths page tomorrow if you email me your score.


For Fire Dragons and Top Banaynays, please try the question below. Before thinking it's too hard, look at the question closely. It's not asking you to work out the answer, it's asking you which sums are difficult and why.


For today, please try the reasoning questions for your group. These questions will focus on a variety of things we have studied this year. Reasoning is incredibly important in Maths and something we work on daily. For Top Banaynays, I would advice you look at Fire Dragons questions first and make sure you feel 100% confident first. If you are in Fire Dragons and feel comfortable with the work, don't be afraid to look at Top Banaynays work!