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Rhyming Soup

Activity 1:

As you may have seen, I have uploaded some rhyming soup videos on Teams. This week I would like you to focus on these and complete them with your child. You may use an alternative to printed pictures such as toys/objects or drawn pictures but if you would like to use them, I will attach them below.


I would like you to have a go at rhyming words with ‘cat’ and ‘dog’ using rhyming soup. Then see if your child can sort the pictures. Which pictures rhyme with ‘cat’ and ‘dog’.


With your child, I would like you to sing Humpty Dumpty. The next rhyming word to focus on is 'wall'.

Complete this using the Rhyming soup song.


Activity 2:


This then allows you to play Odd One Out.

Have 3 or 4 pictures in line, for example; cat, mat, frog. Discuss with your child which words rhymes and which one doesn’t? Well done, frog doesn’t rhyme with cat and mat, so frog is the odd one out.

Odd One Out may be a new skill to children so you may want to use this in a different activity and situation. Examples, socks, fruit, farm animals, their own toys etc.



To sort all of the pictures you have used into 3 piles

Words which rhyme with:

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Wall

Please let me know how your child gets on with these activities. 


This is a hard skill, please only focus on words rhyming with 'cat' and 'dog' if your child is finding this difficult. I have put an example of this activity of Files > Literacy Activity 01.02.21