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Year 6 - Wembley Class


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Year 6 have chosen to look at the Titanic. We have split the topic into 4 sections:

1)Planning, designing and building the Titanic

2)The People (Crew & Passengers)

3)The Impact (April 14th-15th)

4)The Aftermath

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Children have received their homework project and we actively encourage them to complete it with their family:

Due Date:            Friday 7th November


1)To create a piece of evidence that tells us something factual about the Titanic and the fateful events of April 14th.

2)Also produce an information sheet (Approximately 1 sheet A4) to highlight what we can learn about the Titanic from your project.


Possible Suggestions:

  • A scale model of the Titanic before or after it sank
  • A diary of a passenger onboard the Titanic (an eye-witness account)
  • A poster advertising the Titanic
  • A newspaper article either about the brand new luxurious liner or the catastrophic sinking of an ‘unsinkable’ ship


Please remember that these are just suggestions and projects that are unique and show effort, imagination and creativity will score higher marks.


As you are now in year 6, your homework should demonstrate year 6 level skills and should demonstrate that you have put thought, time and effort into your project. Don’t leave it until the night before!

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In year 6 children are also given homework by their SFA and maths teachers as well as having a list of spelling words to practise and learn ready for a test on a Friday.


Children are also encouraged to read at home. In year 6 they are encouraged to take a book home to read which they have chosen from the class bookshelf.


PE in year 6 is on Friday afternoon and children will need to bring PE kit to school on those days and not wear it to school as before.

Thank you!