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Super Ambassadors


We are part of the Super Ambassadors Scheme run by the Children's Commissioner for  Wales.

Our Super Ambassadors are Asya and Blyddwyn, our Head Girl and Head Boy.  As part of their role they will be helping to develop a better understanding of children's rights for the pupils in our school.  They will also be the listening ears and messengers for Sally Holland (the Children's Commissioner).  She wants to hear the the ideas, worries, questions of the children in Wales and Asya and Blyddwyn will be leading some 'Special Missions' in school to help your voices be heard. 


On Wednesday 21st October, our Super Ambassadors attended a special event for all Super Ambassadors in south Wales to represent Lansdowne.  They got to meet Sally Holland and children from other schools with the same role as them! They took part in lots of fun activities throughout the day and proved to be a credit to Lansdowne! Well done Asya and Blyddwyn!