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School Council 2016 - 2017


Congratulations to all of our newly elected school council reps. We are pleased that a number of people from other pupil groups in the school now sit on our school council including a Digon, Eco and Reading rep. 


Our school council meet every Tuesday at 9:00. Please speak to your school council class rep if you have anything that you want to be brought to the meeting.


Details on who is on the school council can be found on the Pupil Voice board outside the headteacher office.

Our School Council Charter

School Council Minutes

School Council 2015-16

The new school council have been elected and have already been hard at work!

Our first task was to redesign the "Welcome" sign for the front of the school building.  We decided to hold a whole school competition to redesign the badge.    

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all who entered!  We have some very creative children in our school! To those of you who missed out this time, please look out for future competitions!


As a school council (and with help from Mrs Kinsey and Mrs Munro-Morris!) we selected two runners-up and the winning design.

Congratulations to Abubaker in Lionel Class, whose winning design will be made in to the new school sign for all to see! We loved this design as it included the school badge; the Welsh flag; our school mission; and it represents the multi-cultural nature of our school - many of the things we value at Lansdowne!