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Reception - Thompson & Victoria Park

Awards and Certificates 


Huge congratulations to our fabulous winners! We are proud of you!


Gold Awards Winners 2019:


Thompson Park

11.01.19  David for listening in class and Noah for great spelling.

18.01.19   Refat for working well in maths and Lola Jade for great descriptive sentences.


Readers of the Week Awards 2019:


Thompson Park

11.01.19 Lauren for moving up a level.

18.01.19 Saned for trying his very best at retelling his story.







Our Learning Journey


Please refer to our termly newsletters for updates about what is happening in school. We have a range of exciting topics, including, What's On the Menu?, Julia Donaldson and Oh I do Like to Be Beside the Seaside. 


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Numeracy          How can you support your child with their Maths?


 Walking to school 

  • Identifying house numbers.
  • What number comes next?
  • Which side of the street has the even numbers/odd numbers?
  • Estimate and count the steps between lampposts.
  • Count backwards on the way home. Sing number songs.
  • Count how many cuboids, spheres and cylinders you can spot. Which did you see most of?



  • Comparing groups of objects – Who has the most toys? The least sweets? The same number of biscuits?
  • Find totals by counting in steps of one and working out what one more or one less is– How many apples do we have? We need one more/one less apple, how many would that be?
  • Use the language of addition and subtraction – I have 3 red apples and 1 green apple, how many do I have altogether?



For this game you will need a dice and a collection of small things such as Lego bricks, dried beans, pasta shapes etc. You will also need pencil and paper.  Take turns.

  Roll a dice. Take that number of beans. Write down the number.

  Keep rolling the dice and taking that number of beans but, before you take them, you must write down your new total.

For example, Amir has 7. He throws 4. He has to work out how many he will have now. He starts counting from seven: eight, nine, ten and eleven. He writes 11.  You can only take your beans if you are right.

 The first person to collect 20 beans wins.


In the car

  • Listen and sing along to number song CDs.
  • Choose a colour car each and keep a count/tally of how many cars you each see. The person with the most wins.
  • Add the numbers together on car number plates. This can be developed to car bingo - each chooses a target number (best to 10). Think about which pairs of numbers add to make your target. Look out for cars that have two numbers that add up to your target number. The first person to shout bingo when they see a car with their target number wins.

At home 

  • Count the steps as you go upstairs, count backwards as you come down. Develop this to counting in 2s, 10s, or 5s as you go up/down each step.
  • Have count downs to special events.
  • Look at a calendar. Find out how many days there are in a week, in each month, in a year. How many weeks are in a year? How many months are there in a year? Name them. Which is the sixth/last/ month etc.? When are the birthdays or important dates in your family’s year? Put them in order.
  • Count how long it takes to brush your teeth, tie your shoelaces etc.
  • What can you do in the time it takes to count to 100 – get dressed, have a shower, etc.?
  • Count money in purses/piggy banks. The coin sorting money boxes are great for counting in 2s, 5, and 10s. 
  • Have fun playing maths games – snakes and ladders etc.
  • Adding circles for this game, you need a dice and pencil and paper. Each of you should draw four circles on your piece of paper. Write a different number between 2 and 12 in each circle.  Roll the dice twice. Add the two numbers.  If the total is one of the numbers in your circles then you may cross it out.  The first person to cross out all four circles wins.


Dice and playing cards

There are lots of games that you can play just using one or two dice or pack of playing cards

E.g. roll two dice add the numbers together – what is one more or one less than that number?

or Playing cards – playing snap with the number cards/ ordering the number cards / paying matching games


Most of all - have fun!




Important Information


Please send your child's reading book into school every day, this will give us the opportunity to read with the children regularly. 



Learning fund is 50p per week or you can pay half termly, our learning fund is used to enhance children's learning experiences. 


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Children must bring a healthy snack to school for their break time. This can be fruit, vegetables, cheese or crackers. 

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PE is on a Thursday afternoon. Please send in PE kit, we will keep it in school then return it to you to wash at the end of the half term. 


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All of our Reception team are here to support your child every day and if you have any questions, feel free to speak to us at the end of a school day. 


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Sullivan and Miss Watson


Welcome to Thompson Park and Victoria Park Reception Classes

Croeso i Ddosbarthiadau Thompson Park and Victoria Park


 Miss Sullivan, Miss Watson and all of the Reception team would like to wish you all a warm welcome to Lansdowne Primary School and the two Reception Classes.  We hope that over the coming year this page will provide you with information about events in the class and also showcase the children's learning and experiences. If you have any questions over the year, please feel free to approach us at the end of the day where we will be more than willing to provide the answers.


Please follow the icons above to find out relevant information.