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LPTV (Lansdowne Pupil TV)

LPTV January 2016

The second instalment this year of our pupil-made TV series. See what we have been up to in January!

November LPTV 2015

Uploaded by Lansdowne Primary on 2015-12-11.

LPTV Episode 16 (February)

February sees Lansdowne taking part in Chinese dancing, Safer internet day and a day of sport at House of Sport. Watch as we celebrate St David's Day with our Eisteddfod and see some of the most recent changes around our school.

LPTV Episode 15

We look back at a busy start to 2015 with friendship week and lots of science and music activities!

LPTV Christmas Episode

See how Lansdowne have been celebrating this festive season!

LPTV Episode 13

Catch up with our pupils to find out about what they have been learning about! See their homework tasks and check out the fantastic displays adorning our school walls!

LPTV Episode 11

Join us as we head back to school for the beginning of a brand new term at Lansdowne Primary School. Check out some of the changes we've made and what the children think of them!

LPTV sports week edition

Take a look at some of the highlights of sports week!

LPTV episode 10

This week: Year 4's trip to Cog Moors Year 6 show off their talk show interviews Year 1 and 2 talk about their Geography projects and we find out who the winner of episode 9's maths challenge was!

LPTV Episode 9

This week we speak to Mrs Kinsey to find out more about our new deputy head! Hear some tales from Llangrannog and see what new changes have taken place over the past few weeks!

LPTV Episode 8

Check out the latest from Lansdowne Primary School. See how we're doing in Maths and answer the Maths challenge question! Answers in the comment box below!

LPTV Episode 7

A real heart warmer this week! See what the kids have been saying about school.

LPTV episode 6

Tune in for the latest episode from Lansdowne Primary school as we prepare for the Eisteddfod!

LPTV episode 5

Episode 5 on Lansdowne Primary School's fortnightly news programme. This week we look at more fantastic work going on around the school including some pretty impressive dance moves!

LPTV ep4

Uploaded by Lansdowne Primary on 2014-01-16.

LPTV ep 3

Tune in for the Christmas episode of Lansdowne Pupil TV. Check out what we've been up to in December!

LPTV ep 2

Here is episode 2 of LPTV! We know you loved the first episode and hope you love this one just as much :) This episode includes music, math madness, tips from Alfie and interviews with Glee club. Let us know what you think in the comment box!

LPTV Episode 1

This is our first episode of our pupil TV! We hope you enjoy it!