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We have PE every other Thursday.

This half term we are looking at gym and dance so children will need to wear indoor PE kit to school.





A homework project is given out each half term. In year 6 we expect children to produce a substantial project that demonstrates imagination and creativity. We are happy for family members to help them with their projects as long as the children take ownership of it.  Once each project is brought into school the children will have 2-3 minutes to present it to the rest of the class.


Spring Term

This term our topic is Science.


During the first half of the term we looked at 'Space' and have made some amazing projects.

Photos will be posted soon.


During the second half of the term we will be looking at 'Light' with a particular emphasis on investigations.




Maths Set

Over the next few weeks my maths sets will be looking at the following topics;

  • Line graphs
  • Adding & Subtraction strategies
  • Square and cubic numbers
  • Multiplication strategies
  • Fractions of amounts
  • Fractions & Decimals
  • Test for Divisibility


As always we work on word problems and regularly have problem solving lessons so that children can apply the skills they have learnt in different contexts.



Congratulations to Emily Brown for being declared 'The Bard' of our recent Eisteddfod.


I hope to upload a video of Emily reading her winning poem soon.


Thank you to all of the other children for their fantastic science projects and delicious Welsh-themed cakes. They were all yummy and it was very difficult to decide on the winners.