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There will be no more P.E now for the rest of the term.


Homework is set during the third week of each half term and will take the form of a project to be completed over the course of the term. Separate class homework may be sent home on occasions on a Friday.


Making our Queen's Batons

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Happy Mother's Day from Class 11

Class 11 think about all the reasons that they love their Mums


This half term, your homework will take on a Science theme! 


Your homework is going to be based on the theme

'The Interdependence of Organisms'. 


I would like you to create a project/ report  on between 2-4 animals from different habitats. You will need to look at what makes each animal suited to its environment and what food chain/web it is a part of. You may wish to focus on endangered animals and look at the threats to them and their habitat.

Please me as creative as possible with the format you choose to present your homework. Digital work e.g. a filmed new report or a presentation would be great! Likewise, a well-organised and thoughtfully presented hand written piece would also be greatly appreciated.

Just do your best! :)


Exploring shape in gymnastics

Ipad awesomeness! 


Class 11 loved having the Ipads last week! We played some maths games and experimented with making musical sounds. We then used the Book Creator app  to make books on musical instruments!

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Picture 3
Picture 4

Making books on the ipads

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Our magnificent musical instruments!

Our Topic



We have just completed our first topic, The Age of the Princes.


A great big THANK YOU to everyone who brought in their Castle homework. All of the models and projects were fantastic and it was clear that the children had worked hard on them.