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See below for useful information to make your child’s school days run smoothly.


PE lessons for Class 10 are on a Monday.  The dates for the rest of the Spring term are:


Monday 10th Feb

Monday 3rd Mar

Monday 17th Mar

Monday 31st Mar


To help ensure all children take part in these lessons, please could you send a set of PE kit to school, in a clearly named bag, that the children can keep in the classroom for the rest of term. 


For Health and Safety reasons earrings should not be worn in PE lessons.  The options are:


1. Earrings are not worn to school on PE days

​2. children remove earrings at the start of lessons


For children who have recently had ears pierced and are not able to remove the earrings, there is a further option:


Plaster/tape is brought to school to cover the earrings to avoid accidental

pulling or tearing of earlobes.


Thank you.



Home Reading Books:


Each child now has a home reading book which should be returned each week on a WEDNESDAY.  This allows children who forget two days to bring it in so that a new book can be allocated before the weekend.  Children are welcome to change their book more often than this if they wish.


Some books will be from our school reading schemes and others will be ‘Free Choice’ from the classroom shelves.  Please be aware that free choice books may have vocabulary that is challenging and may be READING TOGETHER not READING ALONE books.


Please note that these books are separate from any library books the children may borrow during lunchtime Library Club.




Our topic this term is Science based and is focused on Materials and their properties.  We have already been exploring objects and materials around the school and discussing why they are suitable materials for different objects and uses.


Homework Task

Design and make something to wear or use - but out of the wrong materials!!! 

How about a newspaper pair of trousers or a pair of glasses made out of spaghetti?   The children should be able to say what’s wrong with what they have made and what might be a better material. We hope that you will have fun with this and encourage your child to have a go before the end of term!


A woolen umbrella               or                    a paper hat?             

A woolen umbrella! 


Thanks to those children who have completed the last two homework tasks.  The presentation of the science work was very good and the instruments are amazing!  Here is a sample of some of the children’s work!  Keep it up!!